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San Juan Chiropractic has been a mainstay of Montrose, operating one of the largest wellness clinics in the valley. Our secret ingredient to 30 successful years of business are these individuals.

Dr. Darrin
Darrin Robertson, D.C., C.C.S.P.
Dr. Darrin graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX in September 2001. He has additional certification as a Chiropractic Sports Physician and utilizes specialized equipment to ensure spine alignment, as well as address the muscular and connective tissue issues that affect the function of the entire body. He is also able to conduct pre and post sports physicals.  Specialties: Thompson, Upper-Cervical, Diversified, Endurance Sports, Postural Re-education, Wellness Coaching.
It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

Dr. Tori
Victoria Bourgeois Stegmann, D.C., CAc
Dr. Tori has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Masters in Exercise Science and Sports Rehabilitation from Logan College of Chiropractic. She utilizes Diversified, Thompson, Activator, SOT, and Basic chiropractic techniques. While receiving her chiropractic degree, Tori interned with the Jefferson Barracks VA hospital outside of St. Louis, MO and specialized in diagnosing and naturally treating degenerative and post traumatic neurological illness. Dr. Tori is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in traditional Chinese medicine and cupping. She also offers sports physicals and wellness physicals for students and adults.

Theodore Smith, NCTMB
My name is Ted Smith and I practice Visceral Manipulation, Manual Nerve, Artery, Vein and Blood Flow Therapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Scar Tissue Re-Modeling, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Optimum Health/Nutrition Training, Zen Shiatsu and Structural Integration. My background is very diversified, receiving many forms of traditional schooling as well as many years of private instruction. I also taught everything I practice at various schools, seminars and private tutoring. I have focused on Chronic Pain, Injury Rehab/Recovery and Digestive/Menstrual/Menopause/Diet and Nutrition issues with the human body for 24 years.

Dr. Bryce

Bryce Fennell, D.C.

Dr. Bryce graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN in December 2015. He focused predominately in the fields of Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine during his training. Functional Medicine is the practice of determining and treating the root cause of disease in the body. By combining this concept with the philosophy of chiropractic, Dr. Bryce has helped his patients recover from a host of conditions. His goal is to get people feeling their best as quickly and completely as possible whether that be migraines, a back injury, or chronic fatigue and digestive issues. Even if you have been suffering for years, Dr. Bryce’s unique approach can often get you headed in the right direction to recovery.

Stephanie Stallings
Stephanie has worked in the medical field for over 18 years, and after leaving Western Medicine she solely focuses on nutrition, holistic healing modalities and energy work. As a Registered Nurse and a member of the American Holistic Nurses Society and the AHHA, Stephanie is working toward becoming a Board Certified Holistic Nurse Practitioner. Stephanie is a Colorado native; after serving in the US Army as a diesel mechanic, she and her husband returned to the Western Slope. They have children on the Autism Spectrum, and for the past 10 years Stephanie has done focused research in neurology, natural detoxification, food as medicine, and nutritional supports. She is certified as a Diet and Nutritional Advisor, as well as a Magnetic Therapy Practitioner and an Energy Medicine Practitioner. By using Holistic Nursing Modalities, she can address problems at their root cause and increase the quality of life for her patients.


Cory Frantz
Cory Frantz is the office manager at San Juan Chiropractic. She manages scheduling and all logistics which keep our office running smoothly. 


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